Creating a VBS Event Card


As some of us begin to hold services again, we’re getting prepared for another season of VBS. With ChurchTrac, you can create a VBS event and manage all the signups in one place. This is especially helpful as many of our people may still be worshiping remote do to COVID. Giving them the option to register remotely can help with safety and also ensure that your people can easily register from a smartphone in 60 seconds!

Here’s how to do it…

Step 1: Create a VBS Event and select “Setup and Registrations”

Step 2: Go to “Event Options”

Step 3: Edit the Event Options

  1. Make the Event Public
  2. Attach a JPG image if you have one
  3. Set a Registration Deadline
  4. Designate a ChurchTrac User that’s notified of registrations

Step 4: Edit the Event Fields

Create a form that has the information you need for signing up children or volunteers. Below is an example to help you get started:

Step 5: Create an Event Card in Church Connect

Step 6: Edit the Card Options

  1. Set your Card Status
  2. Select your VBS Event
  3. Hide the Card after a date (optional)

Now You have a VBS Event Card in Church Connect!

Things to consider…

We recommend placing your VBS event card near the top of your Cards. This ensures that it gets seen by your registrants. Remember, you can still schedule your volunteers for this event as well by using the Worship|Scheduling Screen. Learn more about our Scheduling features.

We hope this helps! As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to our super-friendly support team for any help you may need along the way.

Till next time 👋