Creating Paid Events


Did you know that you can create events for your people to register for and accept payment? Whether it’s for a camp, a concert, and even a women’s or men’s event. Here’s how you do it…

Step 1: Create Your Event and go to “Setup and Registrations”

When creating your event, be sure to include your basic info like Title, Start Date & End Date, Location, and Calendar.


Step 2: Edit Your Event Options and Select the Payment Type

You will need to set the event to Public (so you can allow registration). Under the Event Payment selection, you can either ask for payment or require a payment for your registrants. You then designate the amount for the event and the Giving Category it will go to.

Note: Online Giving needs to be set up in order to accept payment for events. Learn more about Online Giving.

And That’s It! 

You can now have your people register and pay for your event right in ChurchTrac. You can link this event URL to your church website, social media, email & more! Be sure to create an Event Card for this event on your Church Connect Page too so that your people can quickly register for the event.

We think you’ll love this feature, as it will save you lots of time and make keeping track of your payments and registrations much easier!

Till next time 👋