Event Fields and Form Cards


Churches use forms and signup sheets all the time. We use them to sign up for discipleship groups, get plugged into serving opportunities, or simply send prayer requests. They’re an important means of communication with our people on a regular basis.

Did you know that you can create forms and signups with ChurchTrac?

ChurchTrac gives you the ability to create forms in all types of…well… forms 😂 Event Fields and Form Cards are a perfect way to gather information and responses from your people quickly and easily. Let’s talk about them!

Event Fields

Event Fields are forms that are specific to an event that you are having your people register for. These fields make up a form that is located on the event that you create. As your people register for events, they can fill out these custom fields directly through Church Connect.

Some examples of events and their fields include:

  • VBS Registration– Child Name, Emergency Contact, Allergies
  • Potluck Signup– Number of people coming, the dish you will be bringing
  • Youth Camp Registration– Child Name, Shirt Size, Payment Request
  • Women’s Ministry Event– Participant Name, Lunch selection, Payment Request

As your people register for an event, you can view the event participants in real-time!



With the Event Report, you can view or print out all your responses to the fields in just a couple clicks!

Form Cards

There are situations outside of Events that you will want to provide your people with a way to respond or give information. Some great examples of these include:

  • Prayer Requests
  • Volunteer Signups
  • Discipleship Group Signups
  • Get connected with us form

For situations like these, you will want to create a Form Card to gather that information. One of the huge benefits of Form Cards is that the fields you create within your forms can be contingent upon whether or not a person is logged into Church Connect. In the example below, the fields for name and contact info are not necessary because the system already knows who is filling out the form (since they’re logged in). Pretty neat huh?

Can I use Form Cards for my event signups?

Yes, you could. But it may prove problematic when it comes to viewing the responses as the formating is not really geared for this. Much how Excel is better at viewing data in rows and columns over Word, so is the Event Report for viewing responses for larger numbers of people. Also, having your people signup for Events on the actual event itself saves you a great deal of Admin time by not having to re-enter all that information.

The Takeaway

If it’s an event, always use Event Fields for gathering information from your people. If it’s not an event, create a Form Card. You can learn more about Connect Card types HERE.

Till next time👋