Event Fields- Ready…Set…Spaghetti!


You probably already knew that ChurchTrac had the ability to create events. What you may not know is that ChurchTrac has features to organize your events in greater detail than what a standard calendar can do. One of these awesome features is Event Fields.

Event Fields give you the ability to ask your people questions to assist you in the actual planning aspect of an event. To get to Event Fields simply log into your admin account and click on the “Events” tab to get to your calendar. Once you are on your calendar click on the event you wish to add Event Fields. Today we are wanting to add Event Fields to our church’s Spaghetti Dinner coming up soon.



After clicking your event you already created click “Manage Event Participants”.



Once you’ve clicked “Manage Event Participants” click “Event Fields” as shown below.



This is where the magic happens. From here you can create multiple fields and select their types. You can even select whether or not a response must be made. Maybe you want to have a list of items to ask to bring? Your Event Field could simply be to ask how many family members will attend the event. The “pasta-bilities” are endless. Sorry…sometimes we like to be cheesy (pun intended).


Name your Event Fields, Select Field Types and choose whether or not you require a response.


Once you have all the event fields set you can proceed on emailing your invitees and let ChurchTrac get you the results. No more needing to use separate services or calling people endlessly to get the answers you need for your events. If you want to get a little deeper into Event Fields check out our Support Page to learn more.

Stay tuned as we dive into more of ChurchTrac’s easy-to-use features. We’d love to stay and chat but we have a Spaghetti Dinner to get ready for!