Get the word out fast.


In times of emergency, Social media is great for communicating quickly to your congregation. Unfortunately, not everyone in your congregation may be active on it. This is where ChurchTrac comes in.

On top of email, ChurchTrac has the ability to send voice and text messages to your members. This is an extremely helpful feature as you can quickly get your message across to your people who may only have access to a landline or cell phone. To learn how to activate and use this feature click the link below:

As you prepare to send your people voice or text messages, here are a few tips we have for you:

  • Make sure your phone numbers are complete in the 10 digit format.
  • Only the Primary Phone number will be contacted when using the Voice Messaging feature.
  • Text messages are only sent to individuals who have a “Cell/TXT” number entered on the People screen.
  • Send a test message to yourself to make sure your message gets across before sending to your congregation.

Praise be to our God that is always in control. Be safe.