Guest Follow-up: Tags & Member Status


When adding a Guest to the People Screen, we need to be able to “set them apart” in our database for follow-up. The Member Status field and Tags let us do just that. But which should you use? 

We say both. 

Tags Vs Member Status

On the surface level, Tags and Member Status look identical. 

  • They’re both customizable
  • You can create as many as you’d like
  • They both can be used in Processes
  • You can use bulk editing for both

But…there’s one big difference.

While you can only apply one Membership Status to a person, you can add multiple tags to that individual. For example, you could tag someone a “First Time Guest”, “Received Welcome Gift”, “Started Follow-Up Process” and more. 

When it comes to knowing your guests, Tags enable you to do this better than member status because you can use more than one. Using multiple Tags also makes it easier to separate out your Guests into different lists for a more targeted follow-up as well. 

What about Member Status?

When it comes to Member Status, we recommend keeping it simple. This way, you can quickly separate your Members, Guests, Children, and more. Though ChurchTrac comes with defaults, you can customize your Member Status to suit the needs of your church. Here’s a good example:

Need help with Tags?

We did a webinar a while back just on Tags. Check it out…


Till next time 👋