How To Podcast Cheat Sheet


At least once a week we get asked this question: How do I podcast?

Here at ChurchTrac, we LOVE ❤️ podcasts. That’s why we made this quick article to show you how to podcast. Though we don’t offer podcasting in our software, we think it’s soo important that your church/ministry has a podcast for your people to listen to.

Here’s a quick Cheat Sheet of “How To Podcast” to help you get started…

How To Podcast Cheat Sheet

When it comes to podcasting, you need 3 things:

  1. A way to capture your podcast
  2. A way to host your podcast
  3. A way to share your podcast

Capturing your podcast

If this podcast is a sermon in a church setting, we would recommend capturing the audio directly from your soundboard. If you don’t have that capability, you can use a Lavalier Mic like this one with an iphone or android phone:

If you’re doing a podcast from your desk (like a devotional), It’s best to use a large condenser microphone. This just so happens to be one of the most popular USB condenser mics:

Note: The Yeti may require a USB adapter if you’re using it with an iPhone or android.

Hosting your podcast

Once you have captured the audio for your podcast, you need somewhere for that audio to “live” on the internet. This is when a host comes in…

In terms of hosting platforms, Buzzsprout is a really good one (who happens to be located in the same city we’re in). They offer a free plan that gives you 2 hours a month. If you’re needing more time, they have other paid plans. Podbean and Anchor are a couple other platforms that are good that also have free tiers.

There are literally 100’s of hosting platforms out there. Here’s a great article we found that can help you compare the top ones…

31 Best Podcast Hosting Sites (Top 7 Have Free Offers)

After you have decided on where you would like to host your podcast, you can upload your audio. Since every podcast host is different, we can’t really give you any support as to how to upload and organize everything. Just check out their support to help you with that.

Sharing your podcast

Once you’ve captured and hosted your podcast somewhere, it’s time to share it with your people. The best way to share your podcast is to post it directly to your Connect Page in the form of a link card. Here we just attached a link directly from iTunes to our link card.


Another great way to share your podcast is to use the social media platforms that your ministry is already using. For many, that will be Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Between your Church Connect Page and Social Media, your people will be able to easily access your podcast from any device!

One more thing…

When it comes to sermon podcasts, make sure that you post it regularly at the same time every week. This helps ensure that more people will make listening to your podcast a weekly habit.

Stay tuned for more things to come!

Till next time 👋