IMPORTANT: Announcement Regarding Recurring Donations


If you started accepting donations through ChurchTrac Online Giving prior to June 25, we have an IMPORTANT announcement for you.

Stripe recently changed some of their policies regarding how they handle recurring donations and has now started charging a o.5%fee for every recurring donation handled. Up until recently, Stripe never charged this fee for recurring donations.

How can I recognize these fees?

Stripe designates these fees as “Subscriptions”. Here is a sample screenshot showing what those fees may look like on your Stripe Payout screen:

How do I avoid these fees going forward?

Thankfully, our developers have pushed a fix on how ChurchTrac handles recurring donations to avoid these recurring charge fees. But there are two things we need you to do:

  1. Create a support ticket and let us know that you are incurring these fees. Our support team will work with you on adjusting your account to avoid them.
  2. After our Support Team has confirmed the update to your account, you will need to have your donors cancel their recurring donations and reinitiate them. Here is how they can do that:

Speaking of fees…

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Till next time 👋