Insert Logo [HERE]


Logos are such an important thing for helping people recognize who you are. Not only that, but logos help reinforce your legitimacy and make you look professional.¬†Because logos are that important, it’s only natural that ChurchTrac would have the ability to add your logo to it.

Adding a logo can be done faster than it takes to make a cup of coffee. Simply start by logging into your ChurchTrac admin account.

Click “Settings” and select “Administrator Settings”.


Once you have selected “Administrator Settings” you can click “Choose File” in the Logo Settings.


Once added, your logo will be visible on your Congregation Access as well as some reports. Incorporating your logo into ChurchTrac is a great way to really unify your church on the Church Software Management side as well as make your Congregation Access look more clean and established.

Stay tuned for more easy-to-use tips on how to use ChurchTrac.