Interactive Map Update for Canadian Ministries


If your ministry is based in Canada, this announcement is for you.

We’ve made some updates to the Interactive Map to make it more accurate and reliable for Canadian addresses. That being said, there are 2 things you need to do to your account to ensure your account will update accordingly.

  1. Go to “Administrator Settings” and re-enter the churches address in the “Your Church Info” tab.
  2. Go to “Administrator Settings” and select Canada in the “Regional Settings” tab.

By doing this, your church address will properly show as well as all of the complete addresses you have for each person/family within ChurchTrac.

We’re already getting TONS of super positive feedback about the Interactive Map! We can’t wait to see what ministries do with it as they continue to use it.

Be on the lookout for more announcements and updates soon. We’re working hard to make sure ChurchTrac stays being the affordable most user-friendly ChMS for all churches.