Internet Explorer No Longer Supported


As of today, you will no longer have the ability to access ChurchTrac with Microsoft Internet Explorer. 


Most of the ChurchTrac features do not properly work with Internet Explorer. This is due to the lack of updates and security patches from Microsoft.  Because of the issues caused by this, our software will no longer allow you to log in to your account using the IE browser.

Isn’t Internet Explorer “The Internet”? 

Internet Explorer is the web browser that came pre-installed on many PCs prior to 2016. It is not the only way you can get to “The Internet”. When you click the blue “E” icon to get to the internet, you are actually just opening up the web browser Internet Explorer.

What should I use instead?

We recommend using Google’s Chrome Browser, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple’s Safari. You can download Google Chrome Browser by clicking HERE. Google has directions HERE as well.

Stay tuned for more updates! 👋