Is ChurchTrac Online Broken?

Josh TrentUncategorized

We’ve had several reports from users that some things are “broken” after the new updates to CTO last week. There have been a few new bugs which were quickly squashed, however, most people who are having problems with the update are those using outdated browsers. Our recent updates included a new set of widgets and components that do not work with older web browsers (both on Windows and Mac), like Internet Explorer 8 and Safari 5.

First, regarding Windows and Internet Explorer: we have always advised against using Internet Explorer with ChurchTrac Online. With that said, we still have users that stick with IE, despite the on-screen warnings we display regarding potential IE issues. Even worse, some customers are using versions of IE that are 3, 4, even 5+ years old. This is NOT a good idea. First, you’re going to experience compatibility problems with a multitude of websites, including ChurchTrac Online. Even more serious is the fact that you are opening your computer up to attack by using an older web browser.

If you are still using IE, you should install a different web browser, like Firefox or Chrome, as soon as possible. These are free to download and use, and they only take a few minutes to install. All our widgets and components should work fine in the newest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and even in the newest “Edge” browser that ships with Windows 10.

Mac users who have an older version of Safari (6.2.5 or lower) will also experience issues with ChurchTrac Online, so you should upgrade to a newer version of OSX or install Chrome or Firefox.

If you use Chrome or Firefox, make sure you have the latest updates for your browser installed.

If you must use IE, version 9 or newer is required (you still may have compatibility issues), and Safari 6.2.6 or newer is required on Macs. If you need assistance with choosing and installing a new web browser, please contact our support team. We’re happy to help.

If you are using an up-to-date browser and find something that doesn’t appear to be working just right, please let us know.