It’s never too late to get into SHAPE


The Church is a living body of people. Unlike a building that can sit idle waiting for the next event, people have to be spiritually active to avoid apathy and shortness of their God given potential. In our efforts to support the mission of the local church ChurchTrac has the SHAPE profile, which is based on Purpose Driven Life’s S.H.A.P.E.

What is SHAPE?

SHAPE is about understanding who God made you to be and discovering what he’s called you to do.

What does SHAPE stand for?

S – Spiritual Gifts – What has God supernaturally gifted me to do?

H – Heart – What do I have passion for and love to do?

A – Abilities – What natural talents and skills do I have?

P – Personality – Where does my personality best suit me to serve?

E – Experiences – What spiritual experiences have I had? What painful experiences have I had? What educational experiences have I had? What ministry experiences have I had?

How can SHAPE help my church/ministry?

Knowing the SHAPE of yourself and your people enables you to be effective for the church. It gives you insight and information which you can apply in a real and personal way. Knowing where your people are spiritually and mentally can help you avoid having them serve in areas of ministry where they shouldn’t be.

How do I get my SHAPE?

There are a multitude of online recourses that offer free assessments on knowing your shape. has an extensive SHAPE assessment that many of our churches have used.

How do I record my SHAPE?

After logging into ChurchTrac click the “People” tab and select the person you would like to create a S.H.A.P.E profile for. After clicking the person you will see the SHAPE tab next to “Notes”. For your ease we have already added the lists under each profile. You can even add your own custom terms to each profile if wish.

After you have the SHAPE profiles recorded for your people you can easily create a detailed report by clicking the “People” tab and selecting “Reports and Labels”. Follow the prompt from there and you will have a report exported quickly and easily. For more info on the ChurchTrac SHAPE profile check out the ChurchTrac Support page.

We think you will love using SHAPE! It can do amazing things for you and your people while giving you valuable insight into your church. Just another way ChurchTrac is a powerful church management software that’s easy-to-use.

Now go out and get into SHAPE!