It’s Official. WORSHIPTRAC is out!


What better way to start your new year than to begin your free trial of WORSHIPTRAC today!

Fueled by hours of prayer, a quarter million lines of code, gallons of coffee, and more Chick-fil-A sandwiches than we would like to disclose…our team has finished making the first release of WorshipTrac. It’s built for speed and has the powerful features you need for planning worship. With over 50 years of our combined Worship Leading experience, we have squeezed our heart and soul into making WorshipTrac awesome and a breeze to use.

Our goal is simple. We want WorshipTrac to be a software tool that saves you time on tasks such as scheduling, creating outlines and managing your music. By saving time on those things, Worship Leaders can focus more on God’s Word, Prayer, Family, and Discipleship. We truly believe that when we as Worship Leaders make time for these things, we will Plan Worship Right.

We’re very excited to serve and be a part of the worldwide Worship Leader community! Throughout the coming months, you will see Prepare For Worship and WorshipTrac¬†continue to grow into powerful resources to help Worship Leaders.

Learn more about WORSHIPTRAC.