Just Released: ChurchTrac Scheduling!


Scheduling volunteers is never an easy task. We do our best by creating rotations, email chains, group texts, and more. Despite all this hard work, we often find ourselves reaching out to people last minute to fill in for a position. Now with ChurchTrac Scheduling, you can your time (and your sanity) by creating Teams, assigning Roles, sending out scheduling requests & more! Here’s just some of what you can do with Scheduling…

Creating Teams & Roles

Create teams for every ministry. When you create a team, a Team Tag is automatically created. This makes scheduling super fast and easy. Within each Team, you can create and assign various Roles to each of your people. Each Role that you create is a Sub-Tag for the Team it’s created under. Depending on the needs of your church/ministry, you can make as many Teams & Roles as you’d like. Learn more about Teams & Roles HERE.

Scheduling People

Once you have your Teams and Roles created for your ministries, you can start scheduling them for services/events. You can send out schedule requests via email and SMS. As your people respond, you can see their status change in real-time. You can also have the system send automatic scheduling reminders to your volunteers 1-3 days before the event. No more “Oh no I forgot” texts an hour before church! 🙌 Learn more HERE.

Scheduling and Church Connect

When your volunteers log into their Church Connect account, they can view their scheduling requests and update their availability. This saves you the time of having to email/text all your people “What days can you serve?” every month. Since Church Connect is also responsive, they can do all this from the comfort of their cell phone from anywhere in less than 30 seconds. Pretty cool huh? 😎 Learn more about Church Connect.

And much much more…

There are too many other great features for us to list. Go ahead and check out the Scheduling/Worship Screen for yourself and follow along in our Online User Guide for any help you may need along the way. Stay tuned as we have more plans/tweaks coming in the future weeks. We would give you a roadmap for the remainder of 2020…but “where we’re going, we don’t need roads”.

(The first person that messages us on Facebook what movie that quote is from gets a prize.)

Till next time 👋