Just Released: ChurchTrac Worship Planning!


The average church person doesn’t know what all go into planning a worship service. It’s about more than just “picking songs” as they say. It’s our job as worship leaders to lead our people in through music, scripture, prayer, preaching, and more! This requires lots of prayer, planning, and the right tools. That’s where ChurchTrac Worship comes in.

ChurchTrac Worship gives you the ability to build worship outlines, add/import songs, manage your song library, create rehearsals, make templates & more!

Build Worship Outlines

Worship Outlines consist of Service Elements and Songs. For each Service Item, you can designate its time, add notes, designate a leader, and more. Each element can be rearranged and deleted at any time. You can also create a template from any service of your choice to make worship planning even quicker for the future. Learn more about Worship Outlines


Adding/Importing Songs

You can manually add songs or import songs with our SongSelect Integration (SongSelect Subscription Required). Songs added to your library can include audio attachments, PDFs, links, key signatures & more. Songs imported with SongSelect include pre-generated tags and lyrics as well. Learn more about Adding/Importing Songs.

Manage Song Library

As you add/import your songs, you can organize your library by starring your favorites, adding tags, and creating song collections. Have songs that you’re playing frequently? Go ahead and star them. Need to keep all of your Christmas music in one place? Create a song collection for it. As you search your music library, you can narrow your results by key, title, or lyrics.

Worship and Church Connect

As your volunteers access Church Connect, they can see their upcoming scheduling requests and Worship Outlines. No downloading different apps to do different things! Song Files such as PDF’s and Mp3’s can be found there as well.

And much much more…

There are too many other great features for us to list. Between Side-By-Side, Rehearsals, and combined PDF’s…it’s stacked! View the Online User Guide to get the most out of ChurchTrac Worship and start planning your worship services today.

Till next time 👋