Kiosk Mode


When I think of a Kiosk…I think fast and simple.

When I go to the mall there are Kiosks everywhere. I see Kiosks for coffee, Kiosks for hats, Kiosks for phones, and even Kiosks for getting hair dryers!¬†Kiosks aren’t meant for spending all day at. They’re meant for finding that one thing you’re looking for, buying it, and moving on to the next thing.

ChurchTrac’s Kiosk mode is all about being fast and simple. The last thing you want to be doing on a Sunday is spending 25 minutes tallying up your attendance. Kiosk Mode does that for you.

To access ChurchTrac’s Kiosk Mode, simply log into your ChurchTrac Admin account and click “Attendance”. Once you are on the Attendance screen proceed in clicking the attendance date you would like to access Kiosk Mode for.

Once you’ve selected the date to record, click “Kiosk Mode” at the top. If you need to create a new attendance event simply click “New Attendance Event”.

In Kiosk Mode you can easily navigate between your groups on the left side and select the people that are present on the right side. Kiosk mode works great on touch device as well. This makes it super easy to quickly mark your attendance on the fly if you’d like to go from class to class. Once you’ve selected everyone that’s present that information is already automatically saved to the database. From there you can easily generate an attendance report if needed.

At ChurchTrac, we’re doing everything we can to make things easy and save you time. Let our Church Management Software help you stay organized in your records so you can focus on your ministry. Stay tuned as we explore more of our easy-to-use features that can really help bring your ministry to the next level!