Linking Your Form Cards


Did you know that you can directly link to a Form Card within Church Connect?

That’s right! You can copy the URL directly from a link card and paste that URL to….well…almost anywhere.


Why Link Form Cards?

Form cards are a fantastic way to get information from your people. Whether it’s prayer requests, signups, connect cards, & more! By linking directly to the Form Card URL, your people can go directly to your form without having to navigate through your Connect Page. Easy peasy 😀🙌

Where can I put my links?

If you can paste it, you can link it! Some popular ways to share your form cards are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • And any other social media site!

Link from Page Cards Too! 

Have a Page Card that you want to link back to a Form Card? You can do that too! It will require coding (don’t worry it’s easy). Open your Page Card content editor and select the “Code View” Then use the following code:

<p><a href=”YOUR URL”>TEXT.</a></p>

Here’s ours for a point of reference:

Just One of Many Features

This is just one little snippet of what you can do with Church Connect. We’ve seen hundreds of churches already ditch their conventional (and expensive) websites in favor of Church Connect. Learn more about Church Connect and see why soo many have already made the switch.

Till next time 👋