When buying or selling a house there are 3 words that mean the most: location location location. Okay…it’s actually just one word, but the location is so important it needs to be repeated to really emphasize this.

When it comes to our churches, locations are equally important. It doesn’t matter whether your church is small or big, anytime you have an event you need to specify where it’s at. For example, If you’re having a bible study you need to be specific to the room or building so people show up at the right place. If you’re having a spaghetti dinner, your congregation needs to know where it’s being held. Without specifying the location there will be nothing but confusion, hungry kids, and cold spaghetti. Nobody wants cold spaghetti!

ChurchTrac gives you the ability to make and manage your locations. To do this simply log on to your ChurchTrac Admin account and click “Events”. Once you’re on the Events tab select “Edit Locations”.



On the Edit Locations screen, you can easily edit/add locations for your church.

Your locations can be anything from a building, a house, and an entirely separate location as seen above. The sky is the limit as we leave that up to you.

Locations are just another way our church software can help your church stay cutting edge in the fast-paced world. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how to use ChurchTrac, the easy-to-use ChMS you can actually afford.