Messaging Updates: Everything You Need to Know


Over the weekend we launched some big updates to ChurchTrac Messaging. These updates have made it easier and more affordable to text in church! Let’s talk about it!

Simple Pricing (but not higher)

We’ve changed the menu on sending text messages and voice messages for churches. Unlike your favorite taco restaurant, this new menu doesn’t mean higher prices. We’ve moved away from messaging credits and have implemented a low pay-as-you-go approach for text and voice messaging in churches.

Price:  $.02/SMS Recipient and $.04/Voice Message Recipient. 

What about the credits I already bought before the update?

Great question! Don’t worry, they didn’t disappear. Your credits will remain until you use them up or expire. This applies to SMS and Voice Messages. Once you use them up, the system will automatically charge you the flat rate going forward. As you can see above, you always know how many messages you have left.

Free SMS Messages

If you’re on one of our current Plus plans, you’ll get a generous amount of free text messages to use every single month. After you’ve used up your free messages, the system will begin charging you the flat rate of $.02 per TXT MSG recipient.

International SMS Messaging

We now support SMS messaging outside of the United States! To get started, reach out to us and create a support ticket.

Have Additional Questions?

If you have any questions about these messaging updates or anything else, just let us know by creating a support ticket. 

Till next time 👋