Moving over to ChurchTrac


One of the biggest challenges of switching to a different software is simply carrying over all the data. Many times people will settle for clunky old software simply because they dread the idea of having to move all that info over to another provider.

Well…fear not. ChurchTrac has your back on this. We have made it easy to import your data into ChurchTrac so you can have little downtime and focus on maximizing your ministry. No spending hours on mindless data entry.

Simply export your current data into a spreadsheet or CSV file and follow our instructions here on how to format it. You can also get to these instructions by logging into your ChurchTrac Admin account and clicking Home > Settings > Data Import Instructions.

After you follow those instructions and send the support ticket we will start your Data Import in no time at all. It’s just another way we’re making our easy-to-use church software that much easier! Now go take all that time you saved to drink a cup of coffee and listen to some smooth Jazz.