New Features!!!

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We here at ChurchTrac enjoy hearing from our partners in ministry regarding the product. Over the years we field thousands of suggestions from you that would help you to do ministry more effectively. Recently, we have implemented a few of these major suggestions in an effort to help the Gospel reach further, faster. Here is a quick overview of what we’ve added:

  • Ability to archive names. Records that you need to keep, but are no longer active shouldn’t count toward your overall totals.
  • Facilities Management. Now when you schedule events, you can allocate your campus’s rooms to that event alleviating double-bookings.
  • Volunteer Management, including Event Registration. Creating events are only as important as those that are attending. Keep track of who is coming to events, who is scheduled for Child Care, and so much more.

These are all part of our new pricing tiers, so upgrade today to get these amazing features and stay up to date on what we are doing here at ChurchTrac. For current pricing please view our pricing page. There is more detailed information below on how these features function.

1. Archive Individuals: Their records are still intact, but do not count towards your tier limit.

1.1) Put a check mark by the names you want to archive. Click on the icon for [Bulk Edit Options]

1.2) Select “Archive the Checked Names” then click [Perform This Action…]

1.3) You can view the archived names in alphabetical order under HOME SCREEN-> Settings-> Administrator Settings-> Archived Names. You can restore individuals by clicking the [Restore] button associated with that person.

1.4) When you archive a name, the name is removed from the PEOPLE screen, and is no longer accessible for new attendance events, for entering contributions, etc. However, the name and the data associated with that individual remains intact upon Restoration. Names that have been archived do not count toward the total number of names allowed by your plan. Even while archived, you can still generate a year-end Contribution Statement for that individual.

2. Facilities Management: Coordinate usage of rooms and vehicles in your church.

2.1) Under the EVENTS Screen, click on “Edit Locations” and create new room locations.

2.2) Create a new event and select the location.

2.3) If a newer event overlaps for the same location, you will be alerted   about the conflict.

3. Volunteer Management: Assign and receive acknowledgement of workers, or participants, for a particular event.

3.1)  Create a new event, click [Manage Event Participants], then [+Add Names]

3.2) Add names of your volunteers for the event. You can enter them individually, or select from a pre-determined list or group.

3.3) Under [Event Options] you can further customize these options: 

3.4) Under [Event Fields], you can create additional response fields if the recipient acknowledges they will be able to attend.    

3.5) Under [Send Invites], you   can send out emails inviting them to the event.

3.6) Recipients click on a link in their email and will be taken to a web page to respond.

3.7) If the recipient clicks [Yes], the optional fields that you added will appear before they submit the response.

3.8) Under [Event Report], you can generate a PDF document with your volunteers’ statuses. 

4. Event Registration: Allow online registration for a public event.

4.1) Create a new event, click [Event Options], and select “Event Type” = [Public]. An Event URL (web page address) will be created that you can put on your church’s website. 

4.2) When someone clicks the link, they will be taken to the registration screen.

4.3) They will either log in with an existing email address, or sign up to be included in your ChurchTrac database. 

4.4) The registered names will be displayed on the event screen.

4.5) You can generate a PDF report of this list by clicking [Event Report].