New Release FAQs


We’re getting closer to next month’s release of the new ChurchTrac redesign. We cannot wait for you to see all the new features/changes that we’ve made to make ChurchTrac that much more awesome[er] for all of our users. We want to take a few moments to give some answers to the big questions that we’ve been getting asked. We are also really wanting to give you some more sneak peeks of what the redesign will look like.

What are the big changes happening to ChurchTrac?

1. Redesigned User-Interface- The User-Interface is sleeker and more modern. We’ve also adjusted how the software interacts to make it even easier to use.


2. Improved Dashboard/Stats- The Dashboard is less busy looking and has more customization options with new cards and graphs. You can make the dashboard as simple or more detailed as you like it to be.


3. Enhanced Tags- We’ve given more functionality to Tags and have also created “Subtags”. This will radically change how you organize, manage, and track your people.

4. Events/Attendance- We’ve combined the Events and Attendance Screens to make things easier. Check-In and Live mode (formally Kiosk mode) have also been updated too.

Will I lose any Data?

No. None of your data will be lost. We are doing a full migration internally when the new release happens. We also have internal backups in place too.

What will happen to Groups and SHAPE?

Tags are replacing the Groups Screen as well as the SHAPE ministry profile. When we do the migration, we will automatically convert all of your groups and shape profiles over to Tags. This transition to Tags will also make the need for having departments no longer necessary as Tags do not require this. Once you get used to using Tags in place of Groups, you’ll wonder how you lived without them. We know that we sure did!

Will ChurchTrac increase prices with the new release?

Nope. Unlike your favorite restaurant that just got new menus with new prices, we aren’t raising our prices just because we’ve added new features.

I’m still using ChurchTrac Desktop, can I import my data into the new ChurchTrac?

Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to do data imports from our retired ChurchTrac Desktop. We encourage anyone using CT Desktop to create an online account ASAP and make the transition over before the end of the month.

Will there be a new user-guide for the new release?

Yes! Along with the new software release will come a newly updated user-guide.

When is the new release happening?

We are launching the new release in early next month (October). As we get closer to the launch date we will let everyone know.

Stay tuned!