New Updates are Coming!

Josh TrentUncategorized

As we posted last month, we are releasing a series of updates to ChurchTrac Online in three phases this summer and fall. The ChurchTrac Online “Phase 2” updates are wrapping up now and will roll out to our customers between September 1st and 2nd. This Phase 2 collection of updates will be the most ambitious that we’ve ever released, and we’re very anxious for you to see all we’ve done! We have updated the interface with a new, more contemporary style, while also adding the ability to access your account on multiple screen sizes. We’ve also made…not dozens…but several hundred improvements throughout the application to make using CTO faster, friendlier and more fun. Many of these enhancements are coming as the result of suggestions from our users. We’ve created a new Add Name dialog that gives you the ability to enter an entire family at once, plus gives you the ability to enter data for your user-defined fields. We’ve created a new Date user-defined field type with optional year, and we’ve added the ability to display a date-based user-defined field in your list of Upcoming Events on the Home screen. And that’s just the beginning!