Online Giving Updates


Online Giving has had some serious upgrades to go along with Church Connect. These upgrades are a HUGE deal for ministries using ChurchTrac Online Giving and ministries that are considering Online Giving. Here’s what they are…

1. Online Giving and Church Connect share the same login

If you are using Church Connect, your people will give through your Connect Page. This unified login makes Giving easy for your regular & first-time donors.

2. The Ability for donors to cover transaction fees. YAY 🙌🥳

Now when people donate to your ministry, they can cover the transaction fee. This means more $$ going to your ministry.

3. Credit card(s) can be stored

This makes it even easier for your donors to give. With credit card info being stored, your donors can give anywhere at any time without needing their CC info each time.

4. Plaid Integration

With our optional Plaid integration, you can instantly authenticate your donors. What used to take days now just takes seconds! No more waiting for those donations to come through.

5. Recurring ACH

You’ve asked, and we’ve listened! Now when people give via ACH, they can set it to recur. Life happens, and sometimes even your most dedicated givers can forget to give their weekly tithes. Much like a subscription to a streaming service like Netflix, they can set it and forget it. If they ever need to change their giving frequency or amount, it’s easily done in their profile.

Not using Online Giving yet? Learn how to get started!

Stay tuned for more updates and tips.

Till next time 👋