Online Giving With ChurchTrac


Much how online banking has quickly become the standard for most individuals, so has online giving become the church standard for tithes and offerings. We live in a time where most people make purchases with their card as cash is becoming an inconvenience to carry. On top of this, Online Giving saves time and is safer than passing around a plate full of money during your offering. At ChurchTrac we recognized this years ago and included Online Giving into our service.

Just doing a quick Google search, you will find half a dozen companies out there that offer services to help churches with their Online Giving. But, it will cost you. Many of these Online Giving companies are charging some sort of recurring monthly cost which is often combined with an inflated transaction fee so they can get their piece of the pie. Some even have setup costs and teaser rates until you hit a certain number of giving transactions. What does that mean for your church? It means less of the money given to your church actually goes to your church. Believe us, that money can add up quickly to hundreds of dollars per year! That’s a lot of pie!

Being that most of us at ChurchTrac are pastors, we think very differently about how we can offer the functionality of Online Giving to our customers. What does that look like? It means we don’t try to take a piece of your pie! Instead, we included Online Giving with every ChurchTrac Online account. The only thing you pay is Stripe’s industry standard 2.9% plus 30 cents for each credit or debit transaction or 25 cents for each ACH transaction. That’s it! No recurring monthly Online Giving charges or setup fees.

Even if your church may not use all of our robust features like Child Check-In, Event Management, or Attendance Tracking…our Online Giving alone is worth making the switch. You can quickly save your church money and avoid having other companies try to take your pie/money. Start your free trial with ChurchTrac and see how our ChMS is a breeze to use!

All this talk of saving money and eating pie has got us hungry. Stay tuned.