Prepared for the storm.


As Floridians, we know a thing or two out preparing for hurricanes. It’s kind of the nature of the beast when the majority of us live within 30 miles of the coast! Storms have shaped us Floridians over the years. We build our homes a little differently from other states to survive high winds. There are specific flood zones and … Read More

Get the word out fast.


In times of emergency, Social media is great for communicating quickly to your congregation. Unfortunately, not everyone in your congregation may be active on it. This is where ChurchTrac comes in. On top of email, ChurchTrac has the ability to send voice and text messages to your members. This is an extremely helpful feature as you can quickly get your … Read More

Three myths about Online Giving


Did you know that ChurchTrac has the powerful tool of online giving already built into it? If your church has yet to use online giving, you’re missing out! We’re going to look at three common myths of Online Giving and how you can start using it today. Myth 1: Only younger people use online giving.  Fact: Online Giving is widely … Read More

Life is better with Groups.


Having your church packed out on a Sunday morning to hear the preacher preach is great! Having your church packed out with multiple small groups of people being discipled takes it to a whole new level. It is within these smaller group settings that people are able to pray for each other, share burdens, spark conversation, dissect the Word of God … Read More

Event Fields- Ready…Set…Spaghetti!


You probably already knew that ChurchTrac had the ability to create events. What you may not know is that ChurchTrac has features to organize your events in greater detail than what a standard calendar can do. One of these awesome features is Event Fields. Event Fields give you the ability to ask your people questions to assist you in the … Read More

The 3 things your Church Plant needs to be doing.


Imagine starting a business in which you have no paid employees and no product or service to sell. In fact, your goal is not even to make money. Your goal is to point people to someone else who is actually better than you (Jesus). Welcome to Church Planting! Much like a business, a Church Plant requires an immense amount of … Read More

Work Smart with Congregation Access


At ChurchTrac we believe it’s important to work smart to save time and get things done! Did you know that you can give your congregation access to allow them to view and edit their ChurchTrac Online profile? This allows people in your database to update their information, view contribution history, membership directories, calendar lists and more! This is a great … Read More

Moving over to ChurchTrac


One of the biggest challenges of switching to a different software is simply carrying over all the data. Many times people will settle for clunky old software simply because they dread the idea of having to move all that info over to another provider. Well…fear not. ChurchTrac has your back on this. We have made it easy to import your … Read More

The ChurchTrac Public Calendar


In today’s technological age, many of us live off of our calendars. It keeps us organized and effective both personally and professionally. For many people, if it’s not on the calendar it’s not happening! It’s only natural that ChurchTrac would have a powerful and easy-to-use calendar built in for that reason. But did you know your church calendar can be … Read More

It’s never too late to get into SHAPE


The Church is a living body of people. Unlike a building that can sit idle waiting for the next event, people have to be spiritually active to avoid apathy and shortness of their God given potential. In our efforts to support the mission of the local church ChurchTrac has the SHAPE profile, which is based on Purpose Driven Life’s S.H.A.P.E. … Read More