IMPORTANT: Announcement Regarding Recurring Donations


If you started accepting donations through ChurchTrac Online Giving prior to June 25, we have an IMPORTANT announcement for you. Stripe recently changed some of their policies regarding how they handle recurring donations and has now started charging a o.5%fee for every recurring donation handled. Up until recently, Stripe never charged this fee for recurring donations. How can I recognize … Read More

2 Ways To Lower Your Online Giving Fees


If you’re using ChurchTrac for your Church Online Giving (or are thinking about it), then you’re probably aware of the fees associated with taking donations online. Though they are minimal, there are things that you can do to help ensure that your church/ministry isn’t losing out on money that’s being donated. Here are 2 ways you can maximize your church … Read More

This is kind of a BIG Deal: Automatic Online Giving Deposits


If you’re using ChurchTrac Online Giving and Accounting, listen up. 👂 By the way… you can try our Church Accounting Free for 30-Days on our Plus Plan to see how it stacks up to other paid and free church accounting software. On top of our easy to use church accounting features, you’ll also get features like Worship Planning, Volunteer Scheduling, and … Read More

Team Leaders


Scheduling church volunteers has never been easier with our NEW Worship/Scheduling Screen. Did you know that as you create your different teams, you can designate someone to be a team leader for them? Why Create Team Leaders? It gives your leaders the opportunity to own their ministry. They can be in charge of scheduling people for their team and receive … Read More

Event Fields and Form Cards


Churches use forms and signup sheets all the time. We use them to sign up for discipleship groups, get plugged into serving opportunities, or simply send prayer requests. They’re an important means of communication with our people on a regular basis. Did you know that you can create forms and signups with ChurchTrac? ChurchTrac gives you the ability to create … Read More

The Adaptable Church


Adaptable is not a word we would have used 6 months ago to describe “the church” as a whole. Prior to the COVID situation, churches were notorious for being unnecessarily rigid, unwilling to change, and slow in their decision making. But that all changed when we couldn’t meet. We had to re-evaluate our processes, embrace new technology, and act fast. If … Read More

Support Offices Closed


All support offices are closed today and Saturday in observance of the US Independence Day (July 4th). We will return the following Monday. To our ministry partners celebrating this holiday, have a Blessed weekend! 🙌  

Creating Paid Events


Did you know that you can create events for your people to register for and accept payment? Whether it’s for a camp, a concert, and even a women’s or men’s event. Here’s how you do it… Step 1: Create Your Event and go to “Setup and Registrations” When creating your event, be sure to include your basic info like Title, … Read More

Connecting SongSelect to ChurchTrac


We’re all about working smart and saving lots of time here at ChurchTrac. That’s why we’ve integrated SongSelect into our Worship|Scheduling Screen. With SongSelect, you can add a song to your library in as little as 8 seconds. Seriously! What is SongSelect? SongSelect is a third-party database of Christian music from CCLI. Depending on which plan you’ve purchased from SongSelect, … Read More

Linking Your Form Cards


Did you know that you can directly link to a Form Card within Church Connect? That’s right! You can copy the URL directly from a link card and paste that URL to….well…almost anywhere.   Why Link Form Cards? Form cards are a fantastic way to get information from your people. Whether it’s prayer requests, signups, connect cards, & more! By … Read More