Interactive Map Update for Canadian Ministries


If your ministry is based in Canada, this announcement is for you. We’ve made some updates to the Interactive Map to make it more accurate and reliable for Canadian addresses. That being said, there are 2 things you need to do to your account to ensure your account will update accordingly. Go to “Administrator Settings” and re-enter the churches address … Read More

Donations Outside of ChurchTrac


Due to some recent changes, ChurchTrac is unable to process donations that come from other 3rd party sources (companies outside of ChurchTrac). This is mainly because much of the needed data that we use for recording the entry is missing. Rather than creating multiple ‘Unknown’ entries on your Giving Screen, we opted to remove third-party donations and transactions at the … Read More

Tag. You’re It!


We are excited to release a HUGE feature for the ChurchTrac People Screen. It’s called :drumroll please:…. TAGS. Tags are a quick and easy way to label your people by any characteristic of your choosing. Here’s how it works… Let’s say you have members that are on your Hospitality Team and members that are a part of your Greeter Team. … Read More

FYI For Online Giving


We are just over a month into 2019, and we are amazed at how many churches have started using Online Giving. As seen in our older article Three Myths about Online Giving, accepting donations online is a great way to save your church time and encourage your people to give more regularly. That being said, we want to remind all … Read More

January Jetpack


Hey ChurchTrackers 👋 We’ve been making quite a few upgrades lately, and they just launched today. You can expect to see a significant speed bump in the software. Whether you’re generating reports, creating Smart Lists, or just navigating around… It’s crazy fast! These speed upgrades will help save you some time. Less time on the screen means more time with … Read More

Oh Canada! We have an update.


To our Canadian churches, We have just released an update that will produce unique serial numbers for your contribution statements. All you have to do is have the Canadian ID in the Report Settings. When you run a Contribution Statement, the unique serial number will populate automatically. This will meet the tax requirements by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). This … Read More

Payroll YTD Update


We’re working on a new movie, and it’s featuring…. Just kidding. We don’t make movies. We’re not that cool. But, we do have a new feature in ChurchTrac. We have added Year To Date on Payroll stubs. Now, all your employees are able to see this and know exactly how much they are making, how much they’ve paid in and … Read More

Tax Update 2019


With the 2019 tax tables recently becoming available, we have swiftly updated ChurchTrac to reflect this change. For all of our churches/ministries using ChurchTrac Payroll, everything is now set for you to get going. With the New Year comes new updates and new features around the bend. Stay tuned for more exciting things to come! 😎

The Interactive Map: Our Christmas Gift To You


On this Christmas Eve, we are excited to announce our new awesome feature: Interactive Map With the Interactive Map Beta, you can view on a map where all of your people live within reference to your church. This amazing tool gives you and your leadership the ability to take your ministry to a whole new level! Some real world applications of … Read More

Christmas Songs For 2018


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! For the weeks leading up to Christmas, both non-church people and church people alike will be humming Christmas tunes all the day long. Despite how much as we love Christmas music…singing “Baby it’s cold outside” probably isn’t the best choice when it comes to us singing Christmas music as a congregation 😂. We don’t … Read More