McAfee Bug


Some of our users that have the McAfee Chrome plugin installed on their computers are experiencing issues with ChurchTrac. These issues are happening primarily when they attempt to open a report or another screen within the ChurchTrac program. As McAfee works on resolving this on their end, we recommend disabling this Chrome plugin. UPDATE: McAfee is aware of this issue … Read More

Why Your Church Should Be Texting


Texting is the #1 way to reach all of your people in your ministry. Don’t believe us? Here are some quick stats for you… 97% of Americans, in particular, text at least once a day. Texting is the #1 most used way of communication among Americans younger than 50. 82% of consumers keep SMS notifications [native, iMessage and Android] switched … Read More

Tag Reports


You’ve asked, and we’ve delivered. Say hello to our latest feature… [Insert Drumroll Here ūü•Ā] TAG REPORTS. Now you can create reports based on the Tags (and subtags) that you have created in ChurchTrac. To get to Tag Reports, go to People > Reports > Tags Reports In many cases, Tag Reports can save you time by eliminating the need … Read More

Our New Youtube Videos


As you’ve already noticed, we’ve been busy at ChurchTrac with the new release and all the big changes that have happened in the software. With that new release, we have also completely updated our Youtube Channel with new videos! These new videos help showcase the new release and give guidance on using our most popular features. If you haven’t¬†already done … Read More

Internet Explorer No Longer Supported


As of today, you will no longer have the ability to access ChurchTrac with Microsoft Internet Explorer.¬† Why? Most of the ChurchTrac features do not properly work with Internet Explorer. This is due to the lack of updates and security patches from Microsoft. ¬†Because of the issues caused by this, our software will no longer allow you to log in … Read More

ChurchTrac Help Button


Did you know that ChurchTrac has help and support built right into the software? All you have to do is click the green “Help” button on the top of your screen. Clicking the Help Button will bring a dropdown that gives you a Help Topic that is related to the Screen¬†and Tab that you’re currently on. For example, if you’re … Read More

Toolbar Style


With the new release of ChurchTrac came many great changes on the outside and “under the hood”. One of those changes that you might not be aware of is the Toolbar Style. Like before, ChurchTrac gives you two options of how to display your Toolbar. To change the Toolbar Style you are using, go to Settings > [username] Preferences > … Read More

Sending Texts With ChurchTrac


Did you know that you can text message your people directly from ChurchTrac? Call us biased, but text messaging has long been one of our favorite features since we came out with it years ago. Now we’ve taken text messaging to a new level with the introduction of toll-free numbers, reduced credit pricing, and recent message logs. Why Use ChurchTrac … Read More

Still Using An Older Plan? Check Out These Features…


Just recently, we’ve launched some great changes and upgrades to ChurchTrac that are already being enjoyed by thousands of ministries. Though many of those features are available to all, there are many features and upgrades that are not available on our retired plans. Here’s a quick overview of some of those features that our ministries using the retired plans are … Read More

We Have a New Logo!


We’re about to introduce you to a new version of ChurchTrac…we think you’re going to love it! But first, we want to introduce you to our new logo! For many years, our branding has pretty much been just our name “ChurchTrac”, or just the “C” and “T”. But with our new logo we’re finally able to communicate more about our … Read More