Preparing For Easter

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After having a month to recuperate from a busy Christmas and New Years, It’s time to prepare for Easter!

Easter is an important time of year to reflect and celebrate the Love of our God. Many of us can expect a large influx of visitors to walk through our church doors to take part in worship with us. Like you, we are anticipating to see lives radically changed by the saving knowledge of Jesus.

One of our greatest fears is having people walk through the church doors, make a decision, and then never come back and have the opportunity to be discipled. You might have heard us say this before, but we believe that biggest indicator of church growth isn’t always the numbers. We believe church growth hinges on discipleship. When discipleship is present, the numbers follow.

Hopefully, you have a plan already in place to gather info from people that visit your church. If not, read our previous post on this real quick. Once you have a plan in place to gather this info, you need to have a plan on how to follow up with these visitors. Failing to follow-up with your visitors means you fail to disciple them.

To help you stay organized and keep track of discipleship, ChurchTrac has Process Tracking. With Process Tracking, you can quickly create customized steps in which you use for your follow-up for visitors and members. Do yourself a favor, take a look at our Process Tracking page to learn more about this great feature.

As you start to learn about process tracking, take to heart these 3 tips:

  1. Don’t have too many processes- If you have too many steps in your processes, your volunteers and workers are less likely to use the Process Tracking feature. We’ve found that 5 steps seem to be the sweet spot for this.
  2. Don’t have complicated processes- If your processes are not self-explanatory or if they require excessive training, your people will not follow them.
  3. Don’t have the wrong people- Having the wrong people in place to work your processes is a recipe for disaster. Make sure the volunteers/workers you select are self-starters that are passionate about the work they do.

Having a solid plan for Processes will help your church be that much more effective in discipling the people you come into contact with.

Stay tuned as we continue to prepare for Easter with more great relevant info to help support the mission of THE local church!