Same Program…Different Look

Weston WilliamsonFeatures

One thing that many of our customers love about ChurchTrac is that we give you the ability to choose from a great selection of different color themes. What you may not know is that we also give you the ability to change up more than just the colors of ChurchTrac!

As you know…ChurchTrac by default looks like this:


But…if you’d like a more condensed menu you can change it to this:

We admit, the difference is rather subtle. But…some of our churches find this toolbar menu to be easier to navigate since they’re used to other programs with this setup.

To change from the default look to this toolbar menu do the following:

From the HOME screen go to SETTINGS > Your Preferences > and then change the Toolbar settings from “Expanded” to “Condensed”.


After you do this go ahead and click close on the bottom right. Once closed, you will need to refresh your browser to see the change take effect.

If you decide you don’t like the new look, simply change it back through the same settings. It’s that easy!

Unlike other Church Management Software’s, we like to give you the ability to cater your software to your needs.

Stay tuned for more tips and features!