Scheduling Reminders


I fumbled for my keys in the rain, trying not to drop my full cup of coffee. By the time I found the auditorium key, my over jacket was drenched. I set it aside and began turning on the lights to get the stage prepped and ready for our morning rehearsal.

It’s going to be a great Sunday,” I thought to myself. Then my back pocket buzzed…

Turn”I forgot” into “I can’t wait”

If we had a quarter for every time we heard “I forgot” fromone of our volunteers, we could have bought a new church sound system! That’s why we added Scheduling Reminders. When you go to schedule your people, you can opt to send them a reminder 1,2, or 3 days before the service/event that you have them scheduled for. Pretty sweet huh?


How your volunteers get reminders

Reminders can be emailed or texted to your volunteers. To choose the invite method for your volunteers, select them, and navigate to the “Member Details” tab. Here you can make sure their info is current, and select an Invite Method for their Scheduling Requests & Reminders.

Use Scheduling Reminders for ALL of your volunteers

Remember, ChurchTrac Scheduling is for ALL of your volunteers. Schedule your Hospitality Team, Children’s Ministry Workers, Youth Volunteers & more!

The best way to schedule your volunteers is to create ChurchTrac User Accounts for your Team Leaders so that they can take ownership of their ministry. To learn more about ChurchTrac Scheduling, check out our Online User-Guide.

Till next time 👋