Sending Texts With ChurchTrac


Did you know that you can text message your people directly from ChurchTrac?

Call us biased, but text messaging has long been one of our favorite features since we came out with it years ago. Now we’ve taken text messaging to a new level with the introduction of toll-free numbers, reduced credit pricing, and recent message logs.

Why Use ChurchTrac Text Messaging?

  1. You can easily text large groups of people from Smart Lists, Tags, Etc…
  2. Our next texting doesn’t require purchasing your own dedicated number.
  3. Avoid having your personal number being visible to all the people you text.
  4. Keeps you and leadership accountable and gives extra security.
  5. No more annoying group texts with that “one person” who keeps responding to the whole group! 🙌

How to use ChurchTrac Text Messaging?

  1. Go to your People Screen and select the Messaging Tab.
  2. Under message type, select “Send a Text Message”.
  3. Choose who you want to include. It can be everyone, a Smart List, people with a specific Tag, or even names checked on the People Screen.
  4. Type out your message and hit Send.

That’s it. Sending Text messages is really easy to use! Oh, and did we mention it’s really cost-effective too?

ChurchTrac Text Messaging Pricing

Pricing is based on credits. Each credit equals two text messages. So if you have 100 credits, you can send out 200 text messages. The more blocks of credits you buy, the more money you save. See the pricing below:

Do I still need a dedicated SMS number?

You do not! ChurchTrac can now send from a shared 800 number. If you’re already using a dedicated number and want to convert to a shared toll number contact us.

What are you waiting for?

Start using ChurchTrac Text Messaging today and keep your people better connected to your ministry. To learn more about messaging, check out our Online User-Guide.