Spring Has Sprung


Last October we released our biggest update to ChurchTrac since…well…ChurchTrac. 😂

As much as we all wanted to take a few months to hibernate and relax, we knew that there was too much work to be done. The truth is, we’ve been doing a lot of pondering about our church management software these past few months. We’ve been asking questions like:

What are the biggest challenges that churches face in 2020?

Are these challenges universal for ministries of all sizes?

If technology can help connect people to church, what would that look like?

After lots of coffee, meetings, coding, & Chic Fil A nuggets…we’ve decided to start cleaning up ChurchTrac and retire Member Access. As great of a feature that it was, many of our ministry partners wanted it to do more than just be a basic member directory/giving portal.

Yes, you heard that right. We are doing away with Member Access…

and replacing it with Church Connect!

What is Church Connect?

Church Connect is a web page for connecting your Guests, Members, and Donors. Anyone who has used a smartphone for any length of time or use social media apps like Facebook or Pinterest will feel right at home with this card-based interface. This customizable web page gives your people the ability to do things like:

  • Give Online (if enabled)
  • View their giving history
  • Submit forms, including prayer requests or spiritual decisions
  • Register for events
  • Mark family members present
  • Manage their personal and family profiles & more!

Why Use Church Connect?

One of the biggest challenges for all ministries is connecting with our people. We do things like give mid-service announcements, have a welcome center in the back, hand out worship guides to people as they walk in, display slides on the projector, and even place response cards in front of every seat.

But it’s not enough…

Despite all of our hard work in communicating across multiple mediums, many guests never come back and members still end up saying things like “I didn’t know about that” fairly regularly. This is why we made Church Connect.

How do my people access Church Connect?

Your Church Connect Page has its own unique URL that you can link to your website, text to your people, or even a Facebook Page button. We also provide you a QR code that most smartphones will automatically navigate to when the camera app is opened and pointed at the QR code. You can display this QR code on a projector or include it on paper media like bulletins.

How can my ministry use Church Connect?

During your service, you can tell your people to scan the QR code in front of them to send a prayer request.

At the end of a service, you tell people that they can go to your Connect Page to sign up for an event.

If you’re using Online Giving, you can direct your people to give online quickly and easily by just scanning the QR code on the screen.

Imagine being able to eliminate the need to have all these printed materials you use for getting people to respond with a decision, give prayer requests, sign up for events and more! You could save lots of $$…but also save yourself time.

Think of Church Connect as the hub for connecting your Guests and Members to the church body. You can customize it to fit the specific needs of your ministry by displaying the information that’s relevant to people who are logged in or not logged in. Because Church Connect is a web page, it is the perfect supplement to your church’s current website. Church Connect is also a great website alternative for ministries that do not have a website!

When is Church Connect coming out?

Next Thursday! Yay!🙌

Does Church Connect Cost Extra?

Church Connect is included with every Standard and Plus ChurchTrac subscription. If you are on an older plan, you will need to upgrade to either a new Standard or Plus plan to enjoy the features of Church Connect. CLICK HERE to learn more.

One more thing…

We’re having a live webinar to coincide with the release of Church Connect. We will be walking through the ins and outs of Church Connect to show how you can use it for your ministry! Stay tuned for the details as to when this will be.

Till next time 👋