Switching to ChurchTrac Online Giving


If you’re using another Online Giving provider… listen up 👂

There has never been a better time than now to switch to ChurchTrac Online giving for all of your Church Donations. Here’s why:

1. ChurchTrac Online Giving has no monthly fee- That’s right! There is no monthly fee for using ChurchTrac Online Giving as it’s already included with all Paid ChurchTrac Subscriptions. The only cost associated with ChurchTrac Online Giving are the low transaction fees for the donations given.

2. Our Debit/Credit Transaction Fees are Low- Just how low? Well, if your ministry has a 501c3, then you may be eligible for rates as low as 2.2% + 30 cents for credit/debit card transactions. Most companies stick to the standard rate of 2.9% with no discounts. Even if they have a lower fee, they usually tack on a monthly fee to make up for it. LAME!

3. Recurring Donations (Set it and forget it!)- When your people give, they can set up their donations to occur weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This makes life much easier for your donors as they can just “set it and forget it“. Most ministries see an uptick in their overall giving because recurring giving causes your donors to give more consistently (and often more abundantly).

4. ACH Giving for only 25 cents per Transaction 🙌- Many online giving platforms don’t offer ACH. Even if they do, they often take a percentage ranging from .5% to 2%. That may not seem like much, but it’s waaaaay more than the 25 cents per ACH Transaction fee that we offer. Yes, you heard that right…. 25 cents. So if someone gives $100 via ACH, your ministry gets $99.75. Cool huh? 😎

5. Donors cover the Credit/Debit Card Fees- Not only are our Credit/Debit Card fees Limbo Low… but we also give your donors to option to cover them like this…

All this and SOOOOO much more…

Between other features like text giving, contribution statements, and our Plaid Integration… there’s a lot going on with ChurchTrac Online Giving.

Online Giving FAQS

How easy is it to setup ChurchTrac Online Giving?
Super easy. In fact, most of our ministries setup Online Giving in under 10 minutes. Get started HERE.
How can people find my online giving page?
We provide a unique URL that can be linked to your website, placed in an email, posted on social media, and more. Donors can also access your Giving Page with the provided QR code or via Church Connect.
Can I slowly transition to ChurchTrac Online Giving?
Absolutely. Getting your donors to change how they give takes time. Most of our ministry partners take up to 6 months to gradually move all of their donors from one platform to another. You can always reach out to us to learn how to do this.
Is Online Giving really necessary?

A thousand times yes! Do yourself a favor, and read about the myths and benefits of Online Giving HERE.

Ready to get started with ChurchTrac Online Giving?

Click HERE to start accepting donations today!

Till next time 👋