Tag. You’re It!


We are excited to release a HUGE feature for the ChurchTrac People Screen. It’s called :drumroll please:…. TAGS.

Tags are a quick and easy way to label your people by any characteristic of your choosing. Here’s how it works…

Let’s say you have members that are on your Hospitality Team and members that are a part of your Greeter Team. You could create a User-Defined Field for each of these teams…but your People Screen would get awfully cluttered if you had a User-Defined Field for every single team that you had! That’s why we made Tags.

Unlike User-Defined Fields, Tags are only assigned to the people that you want them to be assigned to. Depending on how many Tags you have, a person could have zero tags all the way up to 357 Tags. We admit that 357 Tags is a bit excessive, but you get the point!

If you haven’t already noticed, Tags are being used in all types of software and online platforms these days. In fact, #hashtags on Twitter are just Tags [Insert mind blown 🤯 here]. Just like you can search for a hashtag on Twitter, you can do the same with Tags on our Church Management Software. If you have every person tagged with the team or ministry they are a part of, you can simply just search that Tag on the People Screen to pull up the list of people with that Tag.

Tags can be used for more than just teams and ministries. If your church has deacons or elders in charge of overseeing certain people, you can Tag those people for them. Let’s say Elder Todd is responsible for 13 widows in the church and Elder Larry is responsible for 11. You could assign an “Elder Larry” Tag to Larry’s people and an “Elder Todd” Tag to Todd’s people. From there those people can be searched by Tags, messaged, or put into a Smart List to assist with outreach.

The possibilities for Tags are limitless and we are excited to see how ministries use them to further the kingdom. Tags will never replace User-Defined fields, but they will compliment them nicely and cut down on the clutter.

To learn more about Tags, check out our Online User Guide and start using Tags today!

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