Team Leaders


Scheduling church volunteers has never been easier with our NEW Worship/Scheduling Screen. Did you know that as you create your different teams, you can designate someone to be a team leader for them?

Why Create Team Leaders?

It gives your leaders the opportunity to own their ministry. They can be in charge of scheduling people for their team and receive notifications when team members accept or decline invitations to serve. Not to mention, this will help save your sanity by not having to spin so many ministry plates! You’re welcome 🙌

How to Create Team Leaders

To create a Team Leader, navigate to the Worship/Scheduling Screen and select the Teams|Roles tab.  Select the team and navigate to the Team Leader section. This is where you can select the ChurchTrac User that you would like to designate as the leader for the team.

Note: All Team leaders must have a ChurchTrac User Account. Learn how to create a ChurchTrac User Account.

One more thing

As you give your Team Leaders ownership by creating them ChurchTrac User accounts for scheduling their people, have them create and manage their own ministry calendar within ChurchTrac. This will help all of your leaders stay on the same page and just increase overall communication between all of your ministries.

We hope this tip helped! Till next time 👋