Teams + Roles = Tags


Months ago, we said that People Tags are “the future of database organization“. With our latest release of ChurchTrac Worship & Scheduling, we’ve built upon the foundation of People Tags with the introduction of Teams & Roles. This is going to save you TONS of time (and your sanity) as you schedule your volunteers for things like Worship, Children’s Ministry, and more!

Teams = Tags

With ChurchTrac, you can create as many teams as you’d like. Whether it’s a Worship Team, AV Team, Children’s Ministry Team…etc. Upon creating these Teams, you can assign a Team Leader who is responsible for the scheduling of the Team that you have created.

Once a Team has been created, a Tag for that team will automatically populate in your Tags Tab of the People Screen. The “Use this Tag for Teams…” option is automatically defaulted as “Yes” since this Tag originated from the Worship|Scheduling Screen as a Team.


Roles = Subtags

When you have a Team created, you can create as many Roles as you’d like within that team. For example, in your Children’s Ministry Team you may have…

  • Nursery Worker
  • Toddler Teacher
  • Pre-K Teacher
  • Children’s Church Worker

Each Role that you create is a Subtag under the Team Tag that you created. See the Tags Tab on the People Screen:

Every Team you create is a Tag, and every Role created in that team is a Subtag. Easy right? Once you have your Teams and Roles created, you can begin quickly scheduling your volunteers like this:


Teams & Roles are a big deal, and we’ll continue to make things even more awesome(er) as time goes on. To learn more about Teams & Roles, check out our handy dandy user guide HERE.

Till next time 👋