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If you’ve been in ministry long enough, then you know how challenging it can be at times to get your congregation involved to serve or give. There are seasons when I feel like the majority of my time is being spent on begging people to volunteer or serve in various ministries around the church. It can get exhausting!

According to a study from, 50%  high involvement at your church is above average. I find myself wondering though…how is having only half my congregation highly involved a good thing? I know 100%  is not realistic, but 50%?  I begin to keep focusing on my glass being half full and start to scheme away on how I can get my people to get more involved. Maybe my people need to have some sort of incentive? Maybe we need to do more events? Do they just not like me?

I have to stop. I have to reflect.

Stop focusing on what’s wrong with the world. Start focusing on what’s right about God.

I heard that in a sermon once…and it stuck with me ever since. But how does that apply to my people and the fact that almost half of them are not highly involved in our church?

It means to fix your eyes on the good things God is doing in and through your people, not the bad things.

It means you celebrate the wins and look past the losses.

It means you give credit where credit is due.

Take some time and thank your people for all the work they do in your church. Write a couple Thank You letters to your decons for the visitations they make weekly. Take your hospitality leader out to dinner for all the effort he or she puts in every Sunday morning. Publicly acknowledge those people by name who are behind the scenes vacuuming the floors or cleaning the bathrooms.

As you continually thank your people and focus on their obedience, you’ll start to see a change. You will find yourself being more thankful for your church and your church will be more thankful for your leadership. You will probably not notice anything short term.  Fast forward a year or two…you’ll see a difference.

While you thank those around you for all they give, never forget the one whom we ultimately thank.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.