The 7 Most Popular Features of ChurchTrac


We often get asked the question… “What does ChurchTrac do?”

To this we often reply… “What does your ministry need?”

Because ChurchTrac is filled with so many features, it can be a challenge to explain them all in less than a minute. Every ministry is different, and some features in ChurchTrac may not be necessary for them. Here’s a list of the most popular features used by our ministries on a daily basis in our church management software:

  1. Giving- You can keep track of each person’s giving and easily print out contribution statements for every person or entity that gives to your church/ministry. Learn more about ChurchTrac Giving.
  2. People- ChurchTrac is a powerful database that enables you to keep detailed info on your people. You can store basic info like birthdays, age groups, member status, and more! On top of this, you can use record Notes on each person or family as well. Have specific info you want to record in a custom field? You can create a custom User-Defined field to do that! Learn more about ChurchTrac People.
  3. Tags- Using Tags, you can organize your people in a jiffy and track their attendance. Tags are a breakthrough in database organization and they will drastically cut down on the time you spend doing Church Admin tasks. Rather than jibber jab about it, check out this sweet video we made on Tags HERE.
  4. Attendance & Check-In- You can track attendance for worship services, Sunday school, discipleship groups, and children’s ministry. Using Family Check-In, you can keep your children safe and secure. Learn more about Check-In.
  5. Accounting- If you’re a small to medium size church, you need an easy way to keep track of your budgets, expenses, and income. ChurchTrac Accounting is a unique approach to keeping track of these things in a way that’s easy to understand. Did we also mention it’s super affordable too? Learn more about ChurchTrac Accounting.
  6. Online Giving- Your ministry can take donations online in our easy-to-use interface. You can accept one-time donations from guests or even have your members set up recurring giving. Every Online Giving transaction shows up in your Giving Screen too. This makes sending out your year-end contribution statements a breeze! 🙌 Learn more about ChurchTrac Online Giving.
  7. Text Messaging- Ever wanted to get a message out to all of your people in one swoop? With ChurchTrac Text Messaging you can do just that. You can send an SMS to one person or as many as 10,000! SMS Text messaging is a great way to keep your people in the loop for upcoming events, send out a sermon link, give a daily devotional & more! Sure, snail mail and email are great… but it’s 2020 fam! Learn more about ChurchTrac SMS Text Messaging.

There are a TON of other features that didn’t make the shortlist. If you’re wanting to learn more about our features or just have some general questions, schedule a phone call with us HERE.

Till next time 👋