The Adaptable Church


Adaptable is not a word we would have used 6 months ago to describe “the church” as a whole. Prior to the COVID situation, churches were notorious for being unnecessarily rigid, unwilling to change, and slow in their decision making. But that all changed when we couldn’t meet. We had to re-evaluate our processes, embrace new technology, and act fast. If we didn’t…the doors would certainly never open back up for ministry. 

How many churches have adapted…

Online Giving has exploded: In one month, we personally saw hundreds of our Ministry Partners setup Online Giving for the first time. ChurchTrac Online Giving has helped churches accept donations online. In some cases, we’ve even seen ministries increase their overall giving while meeting 100% virtually! 

Church Websites are FINALLY relevant: Churches are notorious for having outdated websites…and we’re not just talking about how they look. We can’t tell you how many times we would come across a church website that had a banner for a potluck or a spaghetti dinner that happened over 6 months ago! Now, churches are ensuring that their website is relevant and updated, keeping their people in the loop. We’re also seeing hundreds of churches Church Connect as a member portal or as a complete replacement for their old and outdated website. 

Texting is no longer optional: Pastors have now recognized that texting is one of the best (and quickest) ways to reach their people. Instead of spending hours calling every member and leaving voicemails, pastors are sending mass text messages through ChurchTrac to keep their people informed. We’ve seen our Ministry Partners text links to their Connect Page, Bible Scriptures & more! With Smart Lists and Tags, Church Leaders are sending hyper-focused messages that actually encourage engagement amongst their congregation. 

Church Leaders are more accessible than ever: Pastors and church leaders are going above and beyond to be available to minister to their people. They’re live-streaming, DM’ing, emailing, texting, and everything else in-between. Leaders are then using ChurchTrac to add Tags to their people and keep notes on families and members so that nobody slips through the cracks. 

How some churches have died…

Unfortunately, we’ve personally seen some churches close their doors for good due to COVID. Many of these churches didn’t adapt. They refused to acknowledge that changes needed to be made and held to the idea that “this is the way we’ve always done it”. Here are some of the mistakes we’ve seen churches make:

  • They failed to “feed” their people with a weekly sermon online
  • They refused to implement online giving and gave the excuses like “but we have an older congregation”
  • They did NOT reach out to their people regularly via email, text, or phone call
  • They did not engage with or serve their community

Using ChurchTrac as a tool to help your ministry thrive

Here’s a quick list of some of the things we’ve seen our churches do with ChurchTrac to really thrive, and not just survive:

  • Setup Online Giving so that your people can give easily and regularly. (Learn More)
  • Create a Church Connect Page that’s informative and relevant. (Learn More)
  • Have multiple form Cards on your Connect Page that give your people the opportunity to submit prayer requests, get plugged, join a discipleship group, and more! (Learn More)
  • Email and Text Message your people regularly with sermons, important info, encouragement, announcements, and ways to stay plugged in. (Learn More)
  • Record notes on your people and families as you engage with them. This helps you be aware of what’s happening in their lives and keeps them from “slipping through the cracks”. (Learn More)
  • Ensure that all of your leadership has their own ChurchTrac User account and encourage them to use ChurchTrac to take ownership of their ministry. (Learn More)

At the end of the day…

God is in complete control and is never surprised. Join us as we continue to cling to God’s promises in His Word and to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us as we serve Him and His People.

Till next time 👋