This is kind of a BIG Deal: Automatic Online Giving Deposits


If you’re using ChurchTrac Online Giving and Accounting, listen up. 👂

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We’ve finally cracked the code!

Deposits in ChurchTrac for Online Giving will now match the payouts in your Stripe account for the date that Stripe deposited them into your bank account. Seriously! 🙌🎉

No more looking back and forth between your Stripe Payouts and ChurchTrac to pick out each transaction as it clears. ChurchTrac deposits into your Accounting Screen will match what you see from your Stripe Payouts. This includes both ACH and credit card donations.

How to start using this feature?

To enable Auto-Deposit for your Online Giving Transactions, select the “Create Deposit” button, and check the box as shown below:

Note: Be sure to also designate which Account and Category that you would like the deposits to automatically go to.

What about past deposits?

For deposits prior to us launching this feature, you’ll need to manually create your Accounting screen deposits. However, going forward it will be MUCH quicker and easier. You’ll start to wonder how you lived without it! 😂

One more thing…

Features like this are made possible with feedback from you. If you have an idea for a feature or feel like there’s “an easier way”… let us know by creating a support ticket HERE. After all, we don’t make ChurchTrac for us. We make it for YOU!

Till next time 👋