Three myths about Online Giving


Did you know that ChurchTrac has the powerful tool of online giving already built into it? If your church has yet to use online giving, you’re missing out!

We’re going to look at three common myths of Online Giving and how you can start using it today.

Myth 1: Only younger people use online giving. 

Fact: Online Giving is widely used by all ages. Much how online banking has become mainstream so has Online Giving.


Myth 2: Social media doesn’t really affect giving.

Fact: Every year social media is impacting Online Giving in the church even more. When you spread the word through services like Twitter and Facebook, it can result in a higher online giving usage.


Myth 3: Emailing my congregation about Online Giving is a waste of time.

Fact: Studies show that roughly 1 out of 5 donors gave in response to an email. On top of this, nearly half of donors which received physical mail regarding giving gave online rather than through the mail or in person.


How do I activate online giving with ChurchTrac? 

Simply log into your ChurchTrac Admin account and click “Settings” on the Home Screen. You will see the Online Giving button in the Settings. Once you click “Online Giving” proceed in following the directions to setup online giving.

There is no better time than NOW to start Online Giving with your church. It makes giving quicker, easier, and safer than the mail or physical cash. With features such as recurring giving, it also helps your people give more consistently and stay accountable.

While we’re talking about myths…did you know coffee beans are actually seeds? Even though we’re obsessed with Church Software we still know a thing or two about other stuff!