Unsplash: Free Pictures For Your Ministry


Good pictures can be hard to find when you’re wanting the perfect background for a lyric slide, a poster, or a weekly church bulletin. Sure there are many paid resources out there for relevant church media…but who wants to pay that kind of money for something that will only be seen a few times by just your congregation?

Check out www.unsplash.com

It’s a free resource of millions of high-resolution pictures uploaded by people all around the world. We absolutely love this site because of just how many amazing pictures related to church culture we’ve been able to find. You name it, you’ll probably find it. Just searching “Church” alone pulls up over 10,000 images!

For the record, we don’t officially endorse Unsplash. We just think it’s a neat resource that can really help add value to your ministry! 😎

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Stay tuned for more great reads and future updates. Bye 👋