Upcoming ChurchTrac Redesign


Over the past few years, we’ve added lots of great features and upgrades to the Church Software that you know and love. We’ve pioneered many of the valuable tools that enable churches to keep track of giving, take attendance, do clergy payroll and more. Feedback from users like you has molded ChurchTrac into the User-Friendly Church Management Software that’s used by thousands of ministries worldwide!

What started as a PC database quickly morphed into an online platform that can be accessed from virtually any web device. That transition from ChurchTrac Desktop to ChurchTrac Online was without a doubt one of our biggest accomplishments! 

After keeping things on the hush hush for a while, we are excited to announce some big changes that are coming in October for ChurchTrac. 

Completely Redesigned User-Interface:

Much like our old UI, this new UI lets you accomplish your tasks with the least number of clicks possible. This new UI will be more modern and simple to use. We’ve also utilized familiar icons and buttons that many people are already used to in other apps. All of this means less time behind the computer screen and more time with your team!

New Home Screen Dashboard

The new Dashboard is sleeker, cleaner, and more relevant. More importantly, we’ve given you the ability to customize the cards and graphs that are visible. ChurchTrac has never been a “one size fits all” software, and we think customization of the data that’s important to you is a no brainer. Go ahead and customize away. 

Unified Attendance and Events

Often times when you’re having an event, you’re wanting to take attendance. Likewise, if you’re wanting to track attendance, you’re having some sort of event in which you’re tracking attendance for. Since these two things go hand-in-hand, we’ve combined them in a really user friendly way that makes better sense. 

New Check-In

Check-In will have a completely new look and be much easier to use. On top of that, you can print from virtually any web device without having to do tedious hours of setup and troubleshooting with printers. You can use a PC, Mac, ipad, and even a Chromebook too! More info on all this to come 🙂

Tags to the next level

Now it’s easier to search your Tags, assign Tags, and write people specific notes on the Tags assigned to them. We’ve also given you the ability to create Sub-Tags to make it easier to organize your people. For example, you can have a Tag of “Serve Team” and Sub-Tags of “Hospitality”, “Greeter”, “Security” and more under the Parent-Tag. Tags are the future, and they’re much easier to use than groups. 

Because of the versatility of the new Tags, we are phasing out Groups and the SHAPE Ministry Profile. For those of you who have invested much time and energy into creating and organizing your groups and SHAPE… let not your heart be troubled. Our system will automatically migrate all of that data to the proper Tags. Cool beans?

Hundreds of other new tweaks and features too…

We want to thank every single one of our churches and ministries for partnering with us! You are all an encouragement to us daily and we count it a privilege to serve each one of you. 

Stay tuned for screenshots and sneak peeks of the new redesign in our future blog posts. Like our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter as we will gradually leak some of the cool things we’ve been creating 🙂