Virtual Connect Cards


Whether it’s on the back of a pew or behind a chair, many ministries use some sort of “Connect Card” to connect with their people. These cards are used for:

  • Guest follow-up
  • Volunteer signups
  • Prayer requests
  • Giving & more…

As we continue to navigate through COVID and keep our people safe, many of us have greatly limited or completely eliminated the use of this physical media in our worship services. But how can we still connect with our people or obtain their information? Create a Virtual Connect Card on your Church Connect Page!

How to create a Virtual Connect Card

  1. First, you need a Church Connect Page. If you have not created yours yet, start HERE.
  2. After you’ve created your Connect Page, create a Form Card. Learn how HERE.

Once created, it’ll look something like this…

Want Inspiration?

Check out our demo Church Connect page HERE

Need more help?

Check out the video below. It’s a step-by-step for making Form Cards in Church Connect.

Till next time 👋