What Should I Text My Church? 5 Ideas.


There’s no question that SMS texting for churches is important. According to Pew Research, 81% of Americans text regularly. Of those that text, 99% of their messages are opened in 5 minutes or less. That’s wild! If we know most of our church people text and will open their messages very quickly… what should we text them?

Here are some great ideas for church text messaging…

1. Send a signup

All ministries have signups of some sort. In the past, we would have signup sheets or post events on a bulletin board for people to sign up. At one time it was an effective way to get people plugged in. Now, not so much.

Try sending signups to your people for events, volunteering, or joining a small group. Mass text messaging is the quickest way to get church people signed up. It also builds enthusiasm for the event/opportunity that you’re telling them about.

Pro Tip: When sending your SMS signups, make sure to segment them. For example, you don’t want to send a signup form to women when it’s for a men’s event. 🙄

2. Inspiring devotionals or articles

Did you read something recently that really spoke to you? Share it with the rest of your fam! This can be something as simple as a short quote of encouragement or a long-form article about a pressing issue affecting your congregation. You’ll be surprised at what kind of feedback you’ll get from some of your members who take the time to read it. It may just be that extra bit of encouragement they need to get through the week.

Pro Tip: If possible, find something to share that aligns with your message for the next week. This is an excellent opportunity to prep your people for the message.

3. Last weeks message

There are a lot of reasons why people miss church. Whether it be sick children, jobs, or going out of town…the average church attender is far from a record of perfect attendance. That doesn’t mean that they need to miss out on the teaching. Send a link to your people with the last message so they can re-watch or listen to it at their leisure.

4. We missed you!

People like to know that they’ve been missed. Texting them a simple “we missed you” is a great way to start. We say start because “we missed you” won’t cut it. This is one of those situations where we would not recommend a mass church SMS. Instead, put a process in place in which the pastor or small group leader reaches out to the person directly.

Pro Tip: Have your small group leaders ask their people every week who will not be attending the group the following week (and make note of it). This way you can know and connect with your people the best way possible.

5. Important Announcements

Keeping our church people “in the loop” is important. Have signup deadlines for an event? Is there a serving opportunity in the local community? Is the church closed due to a massive snowstorm? Your people need to know about it. Don’t let them be clueless. 😂

When you send mass text messages to church people…

When you send mass text messages to your congregation, remember that it’s 1-way communication. If you’re wanting to spur conversation or get feedback directly through text, you will need to send a text message to your church people from your phone.

One more thing…

It doesn’t cost a fortune to text in church with ChurchTrac. In fact, we offer Free Mass Text Messaging* to all ChurchTrac Plus Subscribers. Pretty cool huh?

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Till next time 👋


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