What’s New In ChurchTrac?


We have quite a few big changes coming on October 8! If you haven’t already read the New Release FAQs article yet, take a moment and read that first. That article introduces some of the changes that are coming to your ChurchTrac account, and this article dives into a little more detail of what the new changes look like and how they will affect all users.

Completely Redesigned User Interface:

We’ve made things more modern and less “busy”. With this new look, we’ve created great new color schemes that complement the software as well. With the new UI, we’ve consolidated Events and Attendance to just one screen, giving you the ability to perform attendance or check-in for any calendar event. We’ve also given Settings its own screen. Here you can see the current UI on the top with our new UI on the bottom.

The new interface has a new navigation toolbar on the left side of your screen, but you can still choose to have tabs across the top of your screen if that is what you prefer!

Improved Dashboard & Stats on the Home Screen:

Upon Login, your Home Screen shows you the data that’s important to you. This data is completely customizable and is shown in the form of beautiful cards and graphs. Much akin to how you can rearrange cell phone apps, you can drag your cards to any order you choose. You can keep things simple with just showing a couple important metrics, or have additional graphs and giving information shown to help you quickly assess how things are going. Upcoming Events, Projects & Tasks, and Reminders are still on the Home Screen, but have moved to their own separate tabs. This creates more space for your dashboard cards and helps the application look less “busy”.


Enhanced Tags:

Tags are the foundation for organizing your people, managing their needs, and tracking their attendance. Think of Tags as a way to label or group individuals together. If you are currently using the Groups screen for your small groups or Sunday School, they will automatically be converted into Tags and Subtags when we migrate your account to the new version on October 8. With this transition, Tags and subtags will eliminate the need for the Groups Screen, as “groups” is now handled from the Tags page on the People screen. Tags can be as detailed as you would like and also include the ability to enable Attendance Tracking capabilities. As an example below, we’ve created a master Parent Discipleship Group Tag and made subtags for each discipleship group.


New Attendance and Check-In:

Attendance and Check-In can all be found in one place. This makes it easy to go between a self Check-In, manned Check-In, or Live Mode (formally known as kiosk mode). Check-In has been redesigned to make it easier (and faster) to check your children into their class. You can even use a self check-in to speed up the check-in process. Speaking of speeding up the process, you can search people by simply typing in the last 4 digits of their phone number.

Still prefer printing out roll sheets to take attendance by hand? You can do that too right from the Attendance page on the Events Screen.

Stay Tuned…

An updated user-guide is coming, along with some new helpful videos to help with the transition to the new version of ChurchTrac. We are so excited for this new release, and we think you’ll love it! 👋