Why Your Church Should Be Texting


Texting is the #1 way to reach all of your people in your ministry. Don’t believe us? Here are some quick stats for you…

  1. 97% of Americans, in particular, text at least once a day.
  2. Texting is the #1 most used way of communication among Americans younger than 50.
  3. 82% of consumers keep SMS notifications [native, iMessage and Android] switched on.
  4. 82% of text messages are read within 5 minutes, but consumers only open 1 in 4 emails they receive.
  5. 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes.

As great as texting is, it’s not really feasible to send out mass text messages from a cell phone to large groups of people. Doing that would require manually adding each person to a group text. Group texts often limit you to just 15-20 recipients. This means you would have to manage multiple group text messages. Yikes!

Texting with ChurchTrac

To make it easy for you to text people in your ministry, we’ve built texting right into our software. With the recent update in ChurchTrac, we have made some big changes with regard to SMS Texting. The biggest of those changes was the introduction of the shared and dedicated Toll-Free numbers.

Why Toll-Free numbers? 

Toll-Free numbers are optimized for high-capacity application-to-person messaging. The advantage is that you should see a much higher deliverability rate to your people compared to using a local number. Many carriers are beginning to block text messages from local numbers that are sending a high volume of text messages one-way.

Shared or Dedicated? 

You have the choice between selecting a shared number or a dedicated Toll-Free number. With a shared number, you and other ministries will share the same number to send text messages. With a dedicated number, you have your own Toll-Free number that is only used by your ministry. A dedicated Toll-Free number costs $2/month or $20/year. A shared Toll-Free number is free. One bonus of a dedicated Toll-Free number is that you receive free message credits (50 for monthly or 500 for yearly).

*The purchase of text messaging credits are required for both dedicated and shared Toll-Free numbers.

How would texting help my ministry? 

With ChurchTrac Text Messaging, you can make sure all of your people are well informed and kept in the loop.

Notify your prayer warriors of a prayer need…

Message your entire congregation about a big event…

Remind volunteers to signup for a serving opportunity…

How to start using texting: 

  1. Go to the PEOPLE Screen.
  2. Select the Messaging Tab.
  3. Under message type, select text message.
  4. Choose the people you want to include in the message.
  5. Compose and send your message.

Already using texting? 

If you’ve already using ChurchTrac Text Messaging and have not yet converted to the new Toll-Free number, reach out to our support team to learn more about the advantages and how to get switched over.

Till next time! 👋