Creating and Editing Categories

Categories are used to identify or designate how money is received or spent. Categories are used for labeling donations (on the Giving Screen), but they are also used for categorizing transactions and creating budgets (on the Accounting Screen).

You can view, edit and create categories by clicking Categories on the Accounting Screen's toolbar. With categories, you can also assign category numbers, or assign a category as a subcategory of another "main" category. For example, you may have an "Outreach Ministry" category. You could then create "Neighborhood Ministry" and "Homeless Ministry" subcategories to better track your expenses. To make a category a subcategory of another, simply select the parent category from the "Subcategory of" selection box.

Create Category
You can't have subcategories of subcategories. Only one level of nesting is used in ChurchTrac.
To avoid confusion with ChurchTrac Funds, we recommend that you do not use the word 'Fund' when naming your Category. 

If you need to delete a category, ChurchTrac will check to determine if that category is in use, either on the Giving Screen or the Accounting Screen. If there are donations or transactions that utilize the category, ChurchTrac will prompt you to reassign the money in that category to another category.

Categories can be moved into any order you prefer. To change your Category order, simply click and drag the Category to whatever position you prefer. Subcategories can be sorted by assigning a sequential Category Number in the order you want the subcategories to appear under the parent.

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