Transfering Money Between Bank Accounts

Select "Transfer Between Accounts" when you want to transfer money from one bank account to another. Select transfer "to", if you want the money to go from the account that you currently have open in the register TO the account you select in the account selection box. If you choose to transfer "from", the money will be moved FROM the account that you select in the selection box to the account that is currently open in the register. Then, enter the amount to be transferred as a positive amount.

When entering the fund in the "Apply Transfer To Fund" field, this applies to the fund where the money currently resides.

This transaction does not move money between Funds. If you need to move money from one fund to another, this is a secondary transaction. See Transferring Money Between Funds.
Transferring Money Between Accounts

ChurchTrac will automatically create a transaction entry on both account registers to indicate the amount transferred from one account to the other.